Bank on Metamora branch

Sean McGowan
Rendering of the soon-to-come Metamora branch of Goodfield State Bank. The location is across the street from the McDonalds at 901 W. Mount Vernon St. in Metamora.

A Goodfield State Bank branch will open in May 2013 across the street from the McDonald’s at 901 W. Mount Vernon St. in Metamora.

The new establishment will open as the third branch with the Goodfield branch being first and the Eureka branch second. Martin said he is proud to know that he is in close range of every location at his regional office.

“We’re the only remaining bank that holds a charter in Woodford,” he said.

Part of the excitement for Martin is also what the expansion of Goodfield State Bank means to the economy.

“We’ll be adding new jobs to the area,” he said, referring to the approximately eight employees that would work at the Metamora building.

The new location will be 3,500 square feet compared to 5,500 square feet that make up the regional office. Some additional methods of serving the community will involve lending services, online banking, a drive-thru with an ATM, financial consultation and more. Martin said specifically that the loan process goes much faster than at other banks.

“Most other banks make you fax the loan application to corporate or schedule an appointment to meet with a loan officer,” Martin said. “But with us, you can walk right in to get a decision.”

Along with the opening of the new location, Martin hired Tom Brock as the new vice president. Brock has spent nine years in banking and will assist with the lending side of the new location. Brock worked at PNC Bank in Germantown Hills for five years and said he enjoyed the job.

“I felt at home,” Brock said.

However, Brock said he feels encouraged that he gets to work so close to where his family lives in Metamora.

“One of the biggest factors in deciding to take this job was my children,” Brock said.

He also said he enjoys the prospect of working with Martin, whom he once competed against while working at PNC Bank.

“When you’re at a competing bank, sometimes you butt up against each other,” Brock said.

Brock said he felt the opposite happened between him and Martin. He said Martin always handled himself professionally throughout the rivalry.

“I really respect Chad for the way he treated us,” Brock said.

The construction is moving along, according to Martin and Brock. Both attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the new building.

For more information on Goodfield State Bank or the opening of the Metamora branch, call 965-2221.