School board levy increase first in four years

Sean McGowan

An increase of $.02 per $100 of equal assessed value Dec. 20 became the first tax levy increase from Metamora Township High School District 122 in four years.

"We're well below our maximum, which is good," President Kedric Curtis said in terms of how much can be levied from the school.

The levy that passed with a 4-0 vote will raise taxes to approximately $25 for the owner of a $150,000 home. The EAV for the 2013 fiscal year raised to 343,421,863 from 2012's EAV of 341,941,188.

This represents an increase of .42 percent. Superintendent Randall Toepke said the proposal to raise the levy came about when the state began cutting back on funds to the school.

The institution will lose as much as $186,000, according to Toepke, an 8 percent decrease. The original amount the state gave to the high school, $2,325,000 will drop to $2,139,000.

In addition, Toepke said the school's transportation budget will decrease 42 percent.

As much as $89,000 in reserves is needed from taxpayers to cover part of this loss. The remaining $97,000, Toepke said, will come from the school.

"We really take this part of our job seriously for our taxpayers," Toepke said.

The levy will go into effect July 1, the start of the school's fiscal year, which ends June 30 of the following year.

For more information, contact Metamora Township High School at 367-4151.