Germantown Hills upcoming sewer repairs

Sean McGowan

It takes more than duct tape to fix and prevent leaks.

The Village of Germantown Hills and its contractor Hoerr Construction Inc. are aware of this conundrum as they work on relining the sewers of the Whispering Oaks Subdivision. Located between Fandel and Lourdes roads, north of Route 116, the area will encounter these repairs Jan. 2 through Jan. 8, according to

A cured-in-place liner (a.k.a cured-in-place pipe), a jointless, seamless pipe-within-a-pipe, will be the material used for the project.

“I think they’re going to do about 4,000 feet altogether,” Mayor Kenny Mitchell said estimating the extent of the repairs for the village.

Hoerr Construction Inc. will place notices on affected resident’s doors letting them know of the work to be done and at what time they will need to monitor their plumbing usage.

“It’ll make a difference at our house if we can’t use the (plumbing) for two to three hours,” Trustee John Ford said at the Dec. 27 Village Board meeting.

 The advantage to having a cured-in-place liner in the village is that the liner can reduce the risk of leakage and the damage done to sewage treatment facilities. This is especially helpful during stormy conditions. Such a liner also eliminates the need for excavation during its installation, which is both cost-effective and a time-saver.

Michael Lutz, a Farnsworth Group engineer, is working on a similar project for the Village of Metamora. He said the relining project will cause for less chance of leaking.

“Clay is a decent material against resistance to chemical attack, but they were never great for holding up against rain,” he said referring to the current condition of the pipes in Metamora.

Rich Brecklin, Germantown Hills public works superintendent, was absent from the Village Board meeting and could not comment further on the sewer repairs. Village Board members said he will be back in town the first week of January. Also absent from the meeting was Bryan Wysocki, Germantown Hills sewer committee chairman.

The sewer committee has not held a meeting since Oct. 22, according to the village web site. However, the public works director continues to update the board on projects during Village Board meetings.

Contact the Village Hall at 383-2209.