GTH Garden Club donates to firefighters

Staff Writer
Woodford Times
Melanie Meismer, Germantown Hills Garden Club president, hands the club's donation to Germantown Hills fire chief Chip Wilmot.

GERMANTOWN HILLS — The work of first responders is always appreciated, and on Jan. 15 the Germantown Hills Garden Club publicly acknowledged this.

Over the past few years, thanks to community support, the club has been able to donate over $2,000 to the Germantown Hills Firefighters Association, mostly from proceeds of the club’s annual plant sale.

The club held a “cabin fever” evening at the Germantown Hills fire department, which included a presentation by master gardener and Germantown Hills Garden Club member, Lisa Hill, on Amish Quilt Gardens.

Melanie Meismer, Germantown Hills Garden Club president, invited Chip Wilmot, Germantown Hills fire chief, and the rest of the emergency responders, to join the club in the main meeting room. The Garden Club members told Wilmot and his crew about the vote that led to the club’s donation to the firefighters.

“As a new president, I wondered if the members might want to donate to another cause this year, since several don’t even live in Germantown Hills,” Meismer said. “But I was happily surprised when an overwhelming majority voted to give to the firefighters again.”  

After handing a $500 check to Wilmot, Meismer expressed everyone’s appreciation for the work the chief and his crew does.  Wilmot surprised the club, offering a tour of the facilities.  

Club members saw the new ambulance and heard about  the services provided and the areas covered. The EMTs and firefighters educated the Garden Club on their training and the technology involved in emergency responses. Wilmot said he felt great knowing that emergency service was now available 24/7.   

Following the tour, the Garden Club watched a beautiful slide show of colorful Indiana gardens while the firefighters enjoyed some tasty treats and bowls of chili.

The Germantown Hills Garden Club annual sale is held in May outside the former Jubilee Grocery Store in the Germantown Hills Jubilee Center. Meismer said she hopes the community will spread the word of how the sale supports local causes.  

“We enjoy the relationship we have with the firefighters,” she said. “We are able to use this wonderful meeting room when we need it and it’s nice to know all the hard work that goes into putting on our sale pays off.  You never know when you will need to make a 911 call and we are fortunate to have those services available. “