Police chief needs higher ticket sales

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Metamora police chief Mike Todd speaks to the crowd at Meet Your Heroes day Sept. 8.

METAMORA — Every day, Metamora Police Chief Mike Todd and his department perform their heroics for the community.

Now, Todd is asking other village entities to step up and do their part.

Todd said during the July 9 Metamora Area Business Association meeting that he would need MABA’s help to sell as many raffle tickets as possible for the annual Meet Your Heroes Day scheduled for noon Sept. 14.

The money raised from the raffle sales will go toward the Metamora Fire Department with a total of 1,000 possible ticket sales.

Joel Obery, chief of the Metamora Fire Department, said the money gets used for firefighting equipment, turnout gear, exhaust fans and the like.

Obery said there are times when the money is better used if they hold on to it for a greater need.

“We don’t always use it right away,” Obery said.

In succession, Todd said he wants each MABA member to sell a minimum of 20 tickets.

“We definitely got to sell these tickets in order to make our money or basically do any good with this,” Todd said.

Each ticket costs $5 — five tickets are available for $20 — and enters the buyer into a raffle for the chance to win a $1,000 cash prize, $100 gas card or $50 Historic Grounds giftcard.

Additionally, Todd said that the opportunity is still available to add raffle prizes for anyone wishing to donate an item.

During Old Settler’s Days, Todd said $200 worth of raffle tickets were sold.

“It went fairly well,” Todd said.

In addition to the first raffle, Todd and his crew will hold two more raffles. The first will be at 4:30 p.m. July 26 at the Metamora IGA, 610 W. Mount Vernon St.

The second will be at 4:30 p.m. Aug. 30 at the Metamora IGA as well.

“I know the two (ticket sales) we do at IGA go real well,” Todd said.

Another aspect Todd said he could use help with is volunteer staff. He said he could not manage to get the schedule of volunteers organized yet.

“I haven’t really gotten around this year to coming up with getting a list together of people who want to help with (a particular area),” Todd said.

The main area he needs help with is food services. Todd said IGA will usually donate some of the food.

Meet Your Heroes Day began after Sept. 11, 2001, as an opportunity for the community to meet and remember their local heroes and is sponsored by MABA.

Many aspects of Meet Your Heroes will remain the same as last year, according to Todd. For instance, a band is scheduled to perform and a car show will take place as well.

To volunteer or for more information about Meet Your Heroes Day, call the Metamora Police Department at 367-4115.

Other items

Other business discussed at the MABA meeting included the property easement for the new village digital  sign, information on the business 309 Technologies and information on the opening date of Goodfield State Bank in Metamora.

Goodfield State Bank Vice President Tom Brock said the bank will open July 28 with a grand opening in August.

As for the sign property easement, Metamora Village Engineer Eric Bachman said he only needs to complete the necessary paperwork to make the easement official.

DuBois said Bachman could not give an official date for when he would complete the paperwork.

Three entities including the Village of Metamora, MABA and the Old Settler’s Days committee are working together to put up a digital sign to replace the current sign off of IL Route 116.

The new sign will allow for businesses, the Old Settler’s Days committee and other entities to post announcements for people to see when they enter the village.

Finally, 309 Technologies Owner Brian Palmisano spoke about his company during the meeting.

Palmisano first opened 309 Technologies in 2004 in East Peoria. He since closed the East Peoria location.

Between living in Metamora, a broader customer base in the community, his kids going to school in Metamora and a nicer building for his business, Palmisano said closing his East Peoria store made sense.

“I decided to move here after having several people tell me that I need to move this way,” Palmisano said.

In April, he opened his new location at 711 W. Mount Vernon St. in Metamora. He plans to do a ribbon-cutting in the coming months.

309 Technologies offers services such as virus or spyware removal, remote computer assistance and tech support, among others.

Palmisano’s business helps residents of Metamora, Washington, Chillicothe, Germantown Hills and other tri-county cities.

Additionally, he said he will offer classes in the fall for residents wanting to learn the ins and outs of their iPads, iPhones and android devices.

“When you purchase it, nobody knows how to use 80 percent of the product,” Palmisano said.

For more information on 309 Technologies, call 367-2000.