Unofficial Woodford County results in

Adam Larck

According to the unofficial Woodford County Primary Election results, the voters of Woodford County want to see Rick Santorum run for President on the Republican ticket.

Santorum received 3,297 votes, with Mitt Romney getting 2,289. However, with 94 percent of precincts reporting in as of 10:26 p.m., Romney has received 402,115 votes in Illinois, while Santorum has garnered 301,623.

One-hundred percent of Woodford County poll places have reported in.

In the race for the Republican candidate for State Senator of the 53rd Legislative District, Jason Barickman received 2,490 votes, while Shane Cultra had 876 votes.

In the most heated battle for Representative of the newly-formed 106th Representative District, Tom Bennett has 1,013 votes, with Josh Harms in second with 851 votes.

Other vote-getters include Scott McCoy (802 votes), Richard Thomas (266 votes) and Brian Gabor (148 votes).

Note that the votes for both the Legislative and Representative Districts do not add in all other counties the candidates are running in, just Woodford.

On the electrical vote, Eureka passed the referendum by a vote of 493-260, Germantown Hills voted yes by a vote of 292-200 and Metamora voted 442-238 for it.

Both the village and rural area of Metamora also voted yes for the ambulance tax. The village voted yes by a vote of 584-146, while the rural area voted yes by a vote of 353-117.

You can see all the results at Woodford County Elections.

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