Harms, Barickman big winners in primary

Adam Larck
Josh Harms

After all the ballots had been counted, Josh Harms earned a majority of the votes to be named the Republican candidate for District 106.

Harms, who received 851 votes in Woodford County, received 5,841 votes, or 33 percent, overall. In second was Tom Bennett, who earned 4,919 votes, or 28 percent, overall.

“It was a big honor and it was very humbling to have that many people turn out and vote for me,” Harms said. “I’m not going to represent just one region but the entire district.”

He added that he will be trying to bring more jobs back to the district as well.

Bennett received 1,013 votes in Woodford County.

Other vote getters include Scott McCoy (4,011 votes overall, 802 Woodford), Brian Gabor (1,873 overall, 148 Woodford) and Richard Thomas (893 overall, 266 Woodford).

In the other State Republican race for the 53rd Legislative District, Jason Barickman beat out Shane Cultra. Barickman received 19,713 votes, with 2,490 coming from Woodford.

“I am honored and humbled to receive such support from all corners of the district,” Barickman said in a statement. “This is the culmination of months of hard work and a positive campaign in an effort to bring effective, conservative leadership to the Illinois Senate. This is a significant step in that process. I am thankful for such support.”

Cultra garnered 11,861 votes, 876 of which were from Woodford.

For President of the United States, 3,297 Woodford County residents voted for Rick Santorum, while 2,289 residents voted for Mitt Romney.

However, Romney earned 427,580 votes statewide, while Santorum got 318,912 votes.

Paul Lawrence beat out Christian Gramm for the nomination for judge of the 11th circuit. Lawrence received 22,867 votes overall, with 2,791 from Woodford, while Gramm received 2,372 from Woodford and 12,213 overall.

The only contested Democrat race, the 18th Congressional District, saw Steve Waterworth beat out Matthew Woodmancy, 10,228 to 4,445. Woodford contributed 346 votes to Waterworth and 130 to Woodmancy.

Overall, the county had 26,066 registered voters. Of those, 7,453 cast ballots. Republican ballots far outnumbered Democratic ballots, as 6,787 Republican Ballots were cast and only 559 Democratic ballots were cast.

There were also seven Republican Federal ballots, one Democratic Federal ballot and 99 Nonpartisan ballots.