Metamora High School gets 'green' grant money

DeWayne Bartels
More green energy technology is headed to Metamora Township High School thanks to a grant from the Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The Tri-County Regional Planning Commission announced more than $575,000 in energy efficiency

grants this afternoon.

 Metamora Township High School is in line for $86,295.38 of that money for a solar energy project.

"It's not as much as we asked for, but it is better than zero," superintendent Ken Maurer said.

"We'll take it."

Other Woodford County entities also received grant money:

•Woodford County: Interface the heat pumps at the Courthouse with a system to enable

individual scheduling of the units

Amount Awarded: $18,000.00

• Woodford County: Lighting, HVAC, door and window upgrades at the County Highway


Amount Awarded: $36,900.00

• Village of Germantown Hills: Door and window replacements and a new HVAC system at the

Village Hall

Amount Awarded: $19,315.00

•City of Minonk: Lighting, HVAC, insulation, door and window upgrades to the City Public works


Amount Awarded: $57,512.00

Look for more on this story in next weeks' Woodford Times.