Germantown Hills cleaning up

Nick Vlahos

Now that Cynthia Schneider has acquired $1 million in liability insurance, the Germantown Hills Village Hall can be cleaned professionally again.

During its regular meeting Thursday night, the Village Board approved a deal to resume using Schneider to clean two village-owned buildings. The Germantown Hills-area resident had been providing janitorial services for four or five years, Trustee John Ford said, but was idle the past few months while the board debated her insurance status.

The village insurance carrier’s standard recommendation is for contract employees to carry $1 million in liability coverage. According to Trustee Clark Hopkins, Schneider had no proof of insurance — an issue he raised at the November board meeting.

“It’s a prerequisite for anybody who works for the village,” Hopkins said following the 6-0 vote Thursday. “I’m not saying this as a negative toward the old board, but it’s something that happened. Now we’re saying we have to have it.”

Minutes from the November meeting state the amount of required liability coverage can depend on the scope and nature of the job and the severity of claims that could result.

Village Clerk Ann Sasso said four bids were received for the janitorial job, which includes the community center. Of those bids, two were from larger companies and the others, including Schneider’s, were from individuals.

Familiarity with Schneider’s work apparently made the difference.

“The bid is comparable with everyone else,” Trustee Jim Telford said.

Schneider will receive $170 per month. She had been paid $110. Almost the entire increase stems from the insurance requirement, according to Ford.

“There might be a little extra there,” he said. “Doing it at that amount for five years, she deserves a little bump.”

In Schneider’s stead, Germantown Hills employees had been tidying the Village Hall.