Times Today: Become a part of the worldwide trend; visit our websites

Jeanette Kendall

We have a very nice online tool here in the newsroom that measures our website visits.

Each month I receive a report for all five of our newspapers’ websites.

When I received the report for July and compared them to last year’s figures in July, I was astounded.

We’ve seen significant increases in visits.

I think this is due to more people learning about the sites and the fact that we have new and improved websites.

The new sites kicked off June 23 and have a variety of interesting things to see.

Our percentage increases comparing this year to last year at this time is as follows:

• chillicothetimesbulletin.com — 196.15%

 • eastpeoriatimescourier.com — 181.53%

 • mortontimesnews.com — 157.44%

• peoriatimesobserver.com — 61.86% (now the Woodford Times)

• washingtontimesreporter.com — 159.47%

 Another thing that I find interesting is the number of visits to our sites from other countries.

For instance, the Washington Times-Reporter’s visits over the past month are from 37 countries/territories, including the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France, India, Finland, Italy and Bangladesh.

Bangladesh? Saudi Arabia?

Really? Wow! I had no idea our stories are being read globally.

That’s impressive.

However, I am not totally surprised. Like I said, there are all kinds of interesting things to read on all of our sites. If you don’t log on to see for yourself, you’re missing out!