Times Today: What would you do with $500?

Jeanette Kendall

What would you do if you were given $500 with no strings attached?

Did you know that TimesNewspapers recently gave a $500 check to Jim Lehman, a reader from Eureka?

He entered TimesNewspapers’ Locally Owned and Operated contest in July.

All Lehman had to do was look through our newspapers to find a special logo on certain advertisements. He then submitted his answer on the form that was provided in the newspaper.

His name was randomly drawn. Our office manager called him and told him the good news. Lehman came in to pick up his check and have his photo taken for our newspaper.

It was that simple.


That is a lot of money to get for FREE. There is no catch. It really is “that good to be true.”


For some, that is more than a week’s worth of pay.

For some, it’s a month’s worth of groceries.

I could do a lot with $500.

I could go on a shopping spree.

I could pay bills.

I could take a trip.

The possibilities are endless.

Unfortunately, I can’t participate in TimesNewspapers’ contests since I’m an employee, but you can.

Keep reading our newspapers and check our website for upcoming contests that offer cash or other prizes.

Currently we have a contest on our websites seeking the “cutest little football fans” from each of our communities. The photos will be posted on our websites and readers may vote for their favorite little fan on our poll. The winners will receive a $50 savings bond.

For more details, check out the contest on this website.