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Candidate’s letter to the people

One of the five total Republican candidates running in our new 106th District will be, no doubt, our new state representative in Springfield. All five candidates want to look at all the numbers that impact business and spearhead a better business climate.

We all want to conservatively reform the budget, pensions, Medicaid, worker’s compensation, and lower taxes on working families, farmers and businesses. We are all pro-gun and pro-life.

All five candidates overlap on all issues about 80 to 90 percent, so what is the critical difference between the candidates?

Before the voter steps into the voting booth, I urge them to take a long look at www.VoteRichardThomas.com and you will be inspired by the most qualified candidate. No other candidate comes close to the credentials and experience of Richard Thomas. No other candidate has a BA and MS in political science(3.77 GPA) from top schools that I paid for myself. No other candidate is a veteran or has real legislative experience in our capitol building coalitions between both Republicans and Democrats. I know the entire bill process.

With the historic crisis we have in Springfield, the voter should send the only candidate who can hit the ground running and that is Richard Thomas.

I don’t plan on being a career politician even though the crisis demands someone like me who can be their full-time representative. I love nursing and after spearheading reform down in Springfield, I will be happy to return to nursing.

Please be suspicious, if not critical, of any endorsement or poll that doesn’t give you the specific reasons why one candidate is better than another. Blindly following endorsements and polls has got us in an awful pattern in Springfield. I have real, unsolicited video clip endorsements on my website www.VoteRichardThomas.com.

On March 20, vote for Richard Thomas.

Richard Thomas

Republican candidate for the 106th District

Dwight, Ill.

Support Scott McCoy

Comparing the candidates for State Representative, it is clear that Scott McCoy is the person we need.

Here is what I found which is all available online:

Mr. Harms has never done anything before running for this office. Mr. Thomas lost his bid for county board. Mr. Bennett has already had ethics problems and now has disclosure violations from the Elections Board. Mr. Gabor has been previously convicted of D.U.I. and has a Martindale.com peer review rating of only 58 percent as an attorney, which is the lowest rating I've found in Livingston County.

Scott McCoy stands far above these candidates. He is a business owner, has a wonderful family, participates within the community and has proven he can take on the big challenges a public office demands.

Now with the Dwight prison, we see that Scott was asked to be on the committee to try and save it, and we are thrilled he is here for us in our time of need, even when he is not in office.

For all these reasons and more, we should elect Scott McCoy to be our next State Representative.

John J. Theiss

Odell, Ill.

Gramm will support Second Amendment

Having had the opportunity to meet the candidates for the 11th Circuit Judge, I am happy to support Chris Gramm for 11th Circuit Judge of Illinois.

I like both Judge Paul Lawrence and Chris Gramm; they are both fine individuals. I am a firm supporter of the U.S. Constitution, one of the BIG issues in this campaign is the Second Amendment. It one thing to say you support the Second Amendment, it is another if you participate.

Chris Gramm is a member of NRA and an avid shooter. I know he will support my right to bear arms.

Bill Casey

Congerville, Ill.

Vote Harms for best interests

At our annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner in Woodford County we had Dan Proft of WLS Radio as our speaker.

Dan pointed out that it is not Chicago that gives Illinois its woes but the people that don’t stand up and vote!

He pointed out that during the last election round with Bill Brady running for governor, only 59 percent of voters south of I-80 turned out!

Stand up and be counted for what you believe in. That resonates with me.

During this election season I have held coffees, pig races, dinners and picnics. I have talked extensively with the candidates.

I “like” pretty much all of the candidates, but in the end we must choose one for each office to serve us. That is why I am supporting Josh Harms for the 106th Congressional District. I am proud to know Josh. I like how he talks straight and puts it in writing!

Josh Harms said, “I am sure that all of the people who get into this race will be good people. Like myself, most will be conservative. Several probably attended Illinois State University. They will believe in limiting the scope of government and enabling the citizens of the area to flourish. Everyone who runs will have the best interest of the people at heart.”

He also said: “I will not take any money from the Republican Party, political action committees, or corporations. This will ensure that I am not beholden to anyone except the people of the 106th district.

“I will not take the legislative pension. I believe that legislators should not receive anything better than what working Illinoisans receive.

 “I will also work to eliminate chairmanship stipends, state funded cars and legislative scholarships.

“I will be a full-time legislator. I will quit my current job and advocate for the people of the district. I will spend time actively pursuing business opportunities for the district. I will also work to align educational outcomes with the expectations of business.

“If I do this job poorly, I will step aside and let someone else try.”

I support Josh Harms and these issues: such as the need for concealed carry in Illinois, increasing higher education and repealing the corporate income tax increase.

We need to fund the schools in such a way to make success more attainable.

You, the voters of the 106th Congressional District have the chance to vote for someone that will go boldly in front of the majority for your best interests. Vote Josh Harms on March 20.

Christy Casey

 Eureka, Ill.

‘Vote for the Real McCoy, Scott McCoy’

I have just seen Scott McCoy’s new video. This is a must see for every voter in the new 106th House District. Scott has my vote. In fact, I have already voted for him as I will be away from home on election day.

Scott’s video is available on the web at www.voteMcCoy.com.

Please take a few minutes to view it. While the other candidates in this 106th District election have the usual political platitudes to offer, which I consider to be typical election season BLUE SKY mumbo jumbo, Scott tells of his efforts for the City of Pontiac as Mayor of our beautiful city.

Scott refused to accept the first ruling from FEMA when Pontiac was flooded in 2008. Scott went to Washington, D.C., to fight for what he thought was the correct thing for the communities of Pontiac and Watseka. Because of his efforts, FEMA returned to Pontiac and Watseka and did another appraisal of the flooding. FEMA, with Scott’s help, did the right thing for these communities.

Scott also fought Gov. Blagojevich when he wanted to close the Pontiac Correctional Center, Again, Scott, and others, helped to retain over 500 jobs in the Pontiac area.

Scott is my type of elected official. Please cast your vote for the Real McCoy, Scott McCoy.

Jim Jones

Pontiac, Ill.

Background benefits Bennett

I have known Tom Bennett for over 16 years. Without a doubt, Tom is one of the most honest, hard working, and ethical individuals that I know. He is a great family man with a strong, diverse background.

His life experiences include the operation of a small farm, taught in the public schools as a science teacher, served as a local school board member, is currently on the Parkland College Board, and is a State Farm employee.

There is no question in my mind that this diverse background in agriculture, education, and business has prepared Tom to serve us in Springfield as our Representative for the 106th District.

Tom is an outstanding listener with great communication skills. As an independent thinker, Tom will work and communicate with all legislators to solve the major issues facing our state government.

Please join me in voting for Tom Bennett as our 106th District Representative.

Chuck Aubry

Retired GCMS School District Superintendent

Gibson City, Ill.

Check the record

Only one Woodford County Board member has a consistent record of cutting spending and aggressively representing the taxpayers. Only one board member has demonstrated the vision to consistently support new sources of county tax revenue, like wind energy, which will shift the cost of county government away from residential property owners.

Check the records and you’ll agree that Larry Whitaker has a 14-year record of working for the taxpayers. He has always put the taxpayers first and made the tough decisions to keep government cost down.

Join me in supporting Larry Whitaker and his re-election to the Woodford County Board on March 20.

Melvin L. Blunier

Congerville, Ill.

Vote Whitaker March 20

I am writing to ask you to join me in voting for Larry Whitaker for Woodford County Board on March 20.

For more than a decade, I have relied on Larry for valuable and trusted advice, both personal and business. His willingness to serve and assist friends, family and community is admirable.

He has served 14 years on the Woodford County Board, but has served even longer on the Board of Directors of Christian Alliance of Panama. Larry has traveled with me to the mission fields of Panama.

We need his experience, his common sense and his character at the County Board table.

Join me in voting for Larry Whitaker on March 20.

Glenn Pyles

Goodfield, Ill.

Germantown Hills mayor backs McCoy

As the mayor of Germantown Hills, Illinois, I want to officially endorse Mayor Scott McCoy for State Representative of the 106th House District. While my community is just outside of his district, the district does cover about half of Woodford County.

Scott McCoy is one of the most professional and upstanding people I’ve ever met. He has been instrumental in helping our village get up to date with our new website. He has also been an invaluable resource in making sure our village follows the latest open meeting and FOIA laws.

He has been a wonderful source of encouragement and knowledge.

We all saw how Scott McCoy fought to keep his prison open in Pontiac when he was the mayor. He never let up. He went up against Blagojevich and then Quinn and he wasn’t afraid to do what it took to save the hundreds of jobs and the central Illinois economy, which would have happened had the prison closed.

Now is NOT the time to send untested people to Springfield. Mayor Scott McCoy has proven he is a man of integrity and conviction, and I’m asking everyone reading this to vote for Scott McCoy on March 20.

Kenny Mitchell

Mayor of Germantown Hills

Germantown Hills, Ill.

Bennett ‘eager to listen and learn’

I am writing to ask for your support for Tom Bennett, Republican candidate for state representative from the newly formed 106th District. I have known Tom for over 20 years and find him to be incredibly honest, open minded and a man of deep Christian faith. You may have heard Tom sing with the Christian group - “The Jake’s Boys.”

Tom has been active in the education field, having served on the local school board and Parkland College for many years, and was elected as president of the national Association of Community College Trustees. Having been raised on a family farm, Tom understands the needs and concerns of the agricultural community.

We need a man of Tom’s caliber in Springfield. He is eager to listen and learn and act in the best interests of the citizens of the 106th and indeed the whole state of Illinois.

I urge you and your friends to vote for Tom Bennett in the March 20 primary.

Jean Williams

Gibson City, Ill.

Bennett’s conservative voice needed

Tom Bennett, a lifelong Gibson City resident, announced on June 6 that he was a Republican candidate for state representative in the newly remapped 106th Illinois House District. He has campaigned tirelessly since then, spreading his message.

Tom was raised on the family farm and is a former high school teacher. His wife, Kathy, is a retired teacher. Tom has been a trustee for Parkland Community College for more than 16 years, where he has served as vice chairman since 2005.

Tom is a proven leader, having served as chairman of the Illinois Community College Trustees Association. He is the first Illinois trustee to chair the National Association of Community Colleges. He is employed by State Farm Insurance Company, Bloomington, where he is an information technology manager.

An active member of the United Methodist Church in Gibson City, Tom served as a lay minister. He also sings in a popular men’s gospel singing group, “Jake’s Boys,” which has been together for 15 years.

We need Bennett’s conservative voice representing us in Springfield. As Tom says “If you don’t have it, you don’t spend it”.

I can’t stress enough how important your vote for Tom will be. I encourage your support for Tom Bennett at the polls on March 20.

Val Hunt

Gibson City, Ill.