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Bennett man of integrity

Having attended several campaign events in the newly designed 106th State Representative District, I would like to offer my support to Tom Bennett. Of the five candidates running for this position, I believe Tom to be the most qualified and genuine of them all.

All five candidates have identified themselves as strong conservatives with the values and positions on the major issues that would appeal to most central Illinois voters.

Tom Bennett has run an honest and positive campaign, has worked very hard at putting himself in front of people so they would have the chance to get to know him. He goes through neighborhoods knocking on doors to introduce himself to voters of the 106th district. People should know they will have someone they can count on with Tom Bennett in Springfield.

Tom is a man of integrity and I would urge every registered voter in the 106th District to get out and vote on March 20 and vote for Tom Bennett.

Denis Fisher

Gibson City, Ill.

Vote McCoy March 20

I want to ask every voter to support Scott McCoy for State Representative when they cast their vote on March 20.

Scott McCoy has earned our trust. As mayor, he took on Blagojevich to save so many jobs. He also saved so many people from the flooding in Pontiac and Watseka that wiped them out.

I want someone I can trust to do a good job and not bend to the political pressures. I don’t want a Republican ‘yes man’ who is a puppet of the Party either. I want a capable and competent person who has shown he is willing to work hard to help others. I want Scott McCoy.

Scott McCoy is the real McCoy. Vote for Scott McCoy for State Representative and let’s show we mean business in Illinois.

Kellie T. Theiss

Pontiac, Ill.

McCoy right choice for Rep.

If you are tired of the shenanigans in Illinois politics, then I ask you to join me in voting for former Mayor Scott McCoy on March 20 for State Representative.

He is a very qualified and respected person who will make us proud.

We can’t afford to have an unqualified person in office. I’m sure the other candidates are fine people, but none of them have the experience in taking on state government like Scott McCoy. With the shape Illinois is in, we need to make the right choice for State Representative and my vote will be for Scott McCoy.

If you look into the candidates I believe you will also find that Scott McCoy is not only the right choice, but the only choice if we really want to stir things up in Springfield and change the state.

We need Scott McCoy. Vote for Scott McCoy on election day.

Phillip D. Rich

Pontiac, Ill.

McCoy answered calling for House

There are many choices coming up in the Republican primary election on March 20, including the presidential, U.S. Congress, state and many local races.

In the race for State Representative, the choice could not be more certain: Scott McCoy.

Many around central Illinois still have jobs because of Scott McCoy. Several communities would have been devastated by floods and the loss of jobs with the prison closure if Scott wasn’t there. Scott McCoy didn’t get into politics because he wanted to. He answered a calling. And many of us appreciate him answering that call.

We encourage all Republican voters to show up at the polls and cast your votes for Scott McCoy.

Lance and Kristy Evans

Saunemin, Ill.

Bennett brings big background

I encourage you to vote for Tom Bennett, Republican candidate for the 106th Illinois House Legislative District. Tom brings a broad background in education, business and agriculture.

Tom was recently endorsed by the Illinois Farm Bureau Activator. He was raised on a family farm and brings a passion to supporting issues impacting agriculture. He will work tirelessly to help build a better environment for all small businesses in Illinois.

Tom is a strong conservative. He provides common sense and shares our values and he will work hard for us in Springfield. He will remember his voters and serve their needs. He possesses the skills and ability to represent you. He is a father, grandfather and cares about people. He has my trust and my vote.

Join me in voting for Tom Bennett, Republican candidate for the 106th Illinois House Legislative District.

Ron Warfield

Gibson City, Ill.

Vote Thomas, ‘the voice for everyone’

Richard Thomas is running for state representative for District 106. I have known Richard for about 10 years now and I urge you to vote for Richard on March 20.

I am president of the non-profit organization Illinois Fathers. We seek family law reform in Springfield so that children can have substantial, healthy interaction with both of their parents post-divorce. Over the last several years I have witnessed Richard volunteer countless hours building coalitions between both Democrats and Republicans towards passing bills. I have marveled countless times at Richard’s ability to communicate with and convince senators and representatives. Richard is a true leader and he is already a known entity by many at our capitol.

I am also a farmer of 1,000 acres and I know the Illinois Farm Bureau is supporting a different candidate. I have witnessed all the candidates at the debates and as a farmer, Richard clearly is the one to be the voice for everyone, especially farmers in Springfield. Please be suspicious, if not critical, of any endorsement that doesn’t give you the specific reasons why one candidate is better than another.

Richard has real, unsolicited endorsements on his website www.VoteRichardThomas.com Please vote for Richard on March 20.

Tim Brown

President, Illinois Fathers

Moweaqua, Ill.

McCoy’s wife gives insight

As Scott McCoy’s wife, I wanted to share a little insight about my husband.

I realize it’s unusual for the wife of a candidate to send a letter-to-the-editor, but, like my husband, I’m a little unconventional.

I couldn’t be more proud of my husband. Our children and I understand Scott’s drive to help others. When we decided as a family to run for State Representative we knew it wouldn’t be easy. But, as a family, we know what Scott can accomplish if he is elected. Therefore, we support him without hesitation.

Regardless of the outcome of the election, Scott will have made a difference. Our three children are watching their father fight negative attacks as he tries to get his positive message to the voters. Our children see Scott fighting for what’s right, even when it’s not easy. This is a lesson they will remember the rest of their lives.

We don’t usually hear from candidate’s spouses or family, but we are a tight Christian family. We do everything as a family, because family and faith is the core of all good deeds. And I believe we need more good in this world. For those of you who know Scott, you understand he is a good man who has taken on some huge challenges for others. Because he doesn’t bow to the political establishment, they fight against him at every turn. They believe in their own power and control and nothing else. Scott believes in doing what’s right.

Scott ran his own campaign for State Representative. He didn’t hire consultants or gather a bunch of establishment insiders. He didn’t follow the “how to get elected” playbook. You won’t see him in a shiny new hard hat, or walking in a field with a farmer. What you’ve seen is my husband, Scott McCoy.

My husband sets the example that others can’t match. It’s called leadership.

And his family couldn’t be more proud of him!

Jennifer McCoy

Pontiac, Ill.

Harms has resolve to fight

In today’s political climate the call seems to be for change from the status quo. Change from politicians who have deep seated ties with political cronies and special interests, Josh Harms will be the candidate to best represent our interests in Springfield.

I want to ask you to support Josh Harms for Illinois State Representative for District No. 106. Josh Harms will give our district a fresh approach in the representation of our area. He is a fair, honest, and hard-working man who will not be burdened with his decision making due to past ties with state and local political pundits.

He has the resolve to fight for more of our tax dollars to return to central Illinois instead of staying north of I-80. With his down-to-Earth family values, and if there was ever a person to bring change for our area Josh Harms is the best candidate for the job.

Please join me in supporting Josh Harms with your vote to bring positive change and long-term thinking for our area.

John Allhands

 Watseka, Ill.

Bennett supports Second Amendment

I am an avid outdoorsman. I hunt, fish and trap. I am involved in outdoor organizations and work in the outdoor industry.

In the past, finding a candidate that believed as I do that American citizens have the right to bear arms posed a challenge; not anymore. We have such a candidate running in the newly formed House District 106. Tom Bennett is not only a great guy, but believes in the Second Amendment. He believes that the American citizens have the right to bear arms. In addition, he supports the right to have concealed carry permits in this state.

Unfortunately, the voice of the outdoorsman/woman is rarely heard these days. We need a representative who supports our views, who knows there are many, many law abiding, good citizens who are gun owners. We need a representative who will give those interested in the outdoors a voice in Springfield. We need Tom Bennett as our Representative in House District 106!

Please support Tom Bennett in the Republican Primary on March 20.

George Frashier

Gibson City, Ill.

McCoy thinks 'outside' the box

We the people of the 106th Representative District in the great state of Illinois have the opportunity and obligation on March 20 to bring back to our state integrity, pride and jobs.

I have known Scott McCoy his entire life. He is a strong Christian family man with all the right Conservative values and unyielding principles that we need fighting for us in Springfield and the district. Scott is endorsed by the Illinois Republican Renaissance PAC. Scott is for term limits and will not get lost from doing his job in representing all the people, communities, businesses and farm industry.

Scott has always thought "outside" the box. He has developed unique communication, leadership and team building skills through his education and experiences owning his own business, being an entrepreneur and being the former Mayor of Pontiac. Scott knows the importance of transparency and building trust and relationships to achieve the unreachable. He poses the knowledge and skills to bring all people together as a coalition to gain the strength needed to fight the tough battles that need fighting. He knows how and when to listen and when to reach across isles but without ever sacrificing the conservative values that he holds so dearly.

Please give yourself an education to the true facts and his ideas by visiting his unique website. Join me in electing Scott McCoy to the 106th District. I promise you, as his uncle, that he will bring that Illinois pride back to each of us.

Doug McCoy

Pontiac, Ill.