March 14 Letters to the Editor

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Message from State Representative Candidate Scott McCoy

It's almost time to cast your vote for your next Illinois State Representative.

If you want someone to pass more laws that remove your God-given liberties, DO NOT vote for me.

If you want someone to remove government from your life — I'm your man.

Scott McCoy

Pontiac, Ill.

Scott McCoy best man for the 106th

On March 20, I am voting for Republican Scott McCoy for State Representative in the 106th District and I hope this fine energetic young man will win this primary. There are four others vying for the seat.

I came to this decision after much review of each candidates' history and believe that Scott best represents my conservative values. I feel that in many of the past elections I have not had a true conservative to choose from.

Scott is not a shrinking violet when facing issues and will confront the status quo thinking of the past head on. He was election to Mayor of Pontiac by receiving 75 percent of the vote, unseating a 16-year incumbent, after a salary spiking scheme was exposed that caused an uproar from the community. The existing Mayor's salary was being raised from $10,000 to $70,000 per year. There are still many bruised politicians in the area who resent that their actions were exposed and stopped cold.

One of the city council members of that era, Brian Gabor, is also running for this 106th seat. He claims no knowledge of the proposal to spike the mayor's salary and, indeed, was absent during the vote. A review of the official meeting minutes and newspaper articles of the period refer to committee meetings where discussions took place over the 600 percent increase. However, when an attempt to verify what happened at these meetings through an official Freedom of Information Act request was made, the reply came back that "we were unable to find any agendas or minutes for committee meetings regarding elected officials' salaries during 2004."

This simple strains credibility that there would be no meetings held to discuss this huge salary increase proposal ahead of time. After this scheme was exposed, Mr. Gabor did not speak out against it even after the city council indicated they would attempt to raise the mayor's salary again in four years.

A true fiscal conservative would not support such a move. My vote goes to Scott McCoy. We can count on him to do the job for us in Springfield!

Philip L. Peterson

Foosland, Ill.