DeWayne's World - Illinois is fertile ground for Greens

DeWayne Bartels

Sheldon Schafer, one of North Peoria’s own, is running for Ray LaHood’s seat in the 18th Congressional District as a member of the Green Party. 

But, is the Green Party a real party?

That is a reasonable question.

It turns out a growing number of people think so, which is why the Illinois Green Party is making strides.

Let’s talk politics.

Much discussion was had late last year and earlier this year about moving Illinois’ primary to Feb. 5, making the state part of Super Tuesday.

Many felt being part of Super Tuesday would make Illinois much more important in the political process.

It turns out Illinois did not garner that much excitement from the talking heads on national TV news shows.

But, the Green Party has already made Illinois a state to watch when it comes to third political parties.

The Illinois Green Party Web site pointed out that on Feb. 5, Illinois voters had the opportunity to vote in the state’s first ever Green Party presidential primary.

Illinois is among the first states to have a Green primary.

That means Illinois is an early predictor of the Green presidential nomination, in the same way New Hampshire and Iowa are early predictor states for Democrats and Republicans.

For more on this story see the 4/2/08 issue of the Peoria Times-Observer