How is Sen. Dick Durbin going to protect the wilderness?

DeWayne Bartels

The other day it was my turn at the office fax machine to go through the mountain of faxes we receive and put them in the slot for the approriate paper.

As usual there were multiple copies of mulitple press releases from the office of Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Il.).

I was conflicted.

On one hand as a newspaper editor I want a steady flow of info from one of the most powerful men in our state. We gotta keep an eye on this guy.

But, as a citizen who is concerned about the environment I hate to see this.

I'm no tree-hugger. But, I do love the outdoors. My wife and I maintain eight garden area's in our little yard.

There must be a happy medium.

On some days Durbin's office sends out five or six press releases. They run into the 10's of pages. Over an average day we must receive at least 30 pages of faxes from his office.

Are multiple copies of multiple faxes really necessary?

Is there no E-mail connection at Durbin's offices?

I went to Durbin's Web site where I found this statement on the environment: "The remaining wilderness areas in America are a precious and dwindling resource. I am working to preserve these areas, not only for our generation and the next to enjoy, but also to sustain the ecosystems and animals living in wilderness. It is important for all Americans as well as for the animals that inhabit these areas. Keeping part of nature pristine is a gift to all citizens and the next generation and I have been actively involved in ensuring that some wild areas are left untouched."

He must be trying to preserve these area's so he has a last ready source of trees for more faxes.