Ooh, ooh I've got an idea

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

State Rep. Don Moffitt sent out this press relase a short time ago.

To save vital taxpayer dollars, legislation was recently signed into law which allows municipalities to collect fees for technical rescue services. State Representative Don Moffitt (R-Gilson), the chief sponsor of the bill in the House, said technical rescue services demand special training and equipment and are extremely expensive to provide.

Technical rescue teams are career or volunteer mobile support teams that respond to building collapses, high angle and underground rescues, hazmat cleanup, and other emergencies that require specialized rescues.

Under the new law, municipalities and fire protection districts could collect fees for technical rescue services from the party found negligent for the emergency situation. The total amount of the fee may not exceed the reasonable cost of providing the technical rescue services, but it may include charges for personnel and equipment expenses.

"This new law ensures taxpayers who would normally pay for rescue and cleanup of emergency situations do not foot the bill for these costly services,” said Moffitt. “I think this is common sense legislation which places the responsibility of paying for specialized rescues on the liable party instead of innocent taxpayers."

All we have to do to solve the city's budget woes is double the salary for our firefighters and then wait for a disaster and really soak the guy who caused it.

Problem solved.

If I wasn't a newspaper editor I'd have a brilliant career as a politician.