Can we trust the state?

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Fourth District councilman Bill Spears, this afternoon, told the Peoria Lions Club, he is suspicions the state is hanging onto tax revenues that should be coming to the city.

Spears said he became suspicious recently when city staff showed the city council a chart outlining city revenues.  Spears said the chart showed revenues to the city for taxes on electric usage went flat.

The light bulb went on for Spears.

Spears said the flat trend coincided with a change in collection procedures for the tax revenues with the receipts going through the state.

Spears said prior to the state taking over the collection and distribution of the tax receipts the city had been seeing steady increases in revenue.

Spears said he is suspicious because during the time period the receipts went flat the city was experiencing both commercial and residential building growth, as well as population growth.

"We should be going after the state for those dollars ... If we have money coming for the past couple of years we might use that to avoid a tax increase," Spears said.

Spears said he has asked AmerenCILCO to do an audit showing the rate of electric usage in the city for the past several years.