Editorial - A brigade of youth worthy of high praise

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

On Veterans Day, there was no school in District 150 — a day students could sleep in. But, not all did.

Cognizant of what Veterans Day means, two groups of students from Richwoods and Woodruff high schools sacrificed some sleep to recognize the greater sacrifice made by veterans.

Before 9 a.m. on Veterans Day, 13 Richwoods Key Club members assembled at Glen Oak Christian Church in the East Bluff. Rakes and lawn waste bags in hand, they marched to the homes of veterans in the neighborhood and cleared leaves.

It is very possible these same students would not have done this same job at home without a lot of griping, but they recognized a higher call to duty and answered it.

Later in the morning, a group of Woodruff High School students in the Junior ROTC program stood at attention as they prepared to carry out a ceremony at the Veterans Day observance.

This group of young men and women looked sharp and disciplined. The ceremony they performed was precise and moving.    

The focus of the day was veterans, but, these young people, too young for the service, also deserve recognition. These young people, through their actions, did what so many failed to do that day — thank a veteran for the freedoms we all enjoy.