Put your trust in Ameren

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

If all the dire talk about the vulnerability of the nation’s electric grid is true, and not political hyperbole, everyone has reason to worry.

However, Americans have every reason to be skeptical about whether what our elected leaders on the national level are saying is accurate.

Americans have every reason to wonder if lobbyists are manufacturing this crisis.

All Illinois residents have to do to justify that attitude is look back a decade and recall what happened when lobbyists and a majority of our elected officials deregulated electricity.

The result of that action — which  Illinoisans were told would result in more reliable energy delivery at a lower cost —  has been anything but what was promised. Instead, the result has been seesawing costs, rate hike increase requests and promises of government action that amount to throwing a cup full of water at a raging fire.

A watchful eye over the nation’s electrical grid is needed.

Energy is an incredibly valuable commodity. It is the engine that keeps commerce moving.

We are not prepared to become a nation of people operating our homes and businesses off  generators.

Imagine a world without access to computers or the Internet, warm refrigerators and cold hot water heaters. It is not pleasant to contemplate.

But, whom do we trust to oversee energy delivery? That is a question with no easy answer. The utility companies and our politicians have made informed citizens distrustful.

In the end, however, we must make a choice.

We must out our trust in the hands of the utility companies. They, at least, have a vested direct financial interest in assuring reliable energy delivery. But, keep your congressman’s number handy just in case.