Look It's My Book! a worthwhile cause

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Woodford Times

There are frightening statistics when it comes to children and reading.

Thirty-eight percent of all fourth graders in the United States cannot read  a simple poem. There are seven million elementary-aged children performing below their grade level in reading.

These children are not all lazy or stupid.

The good news is that up to 95 percent of all children can learn to read at grade level with intervention.

That is where a local organization called Look! It’s My Book! comes into play.

Studies show a child’s reading skills and school performance improve if there are books in the home. But, many families in Peoria’s District 150 schools cannot provide books for their children.

Agencies in the Peoria area working together created this program. 

Look! It’s My Book! was created to add another layer of support to the literacy work being done in District 150 classrooms.

Look! It’s My Book! provides books to all children in grades kindergarten through fourth grade in four Peoria schools.

Each child receives 6 books a year to call  his or her own, with no strings attached.

The idea is that these books will strengthen learning and instill a lifelong love of reading.

The organization is in need of volunteers to help with fundraising events, book distribution and administrative duties.

And, they need every dollar they can get.

By the end of 2009, the organization raised enough money to provide books for children at four District 150 schools — Thomas Jefferson, Harrison, Irving and Roosevelt.

Their current challenge is to raise $24,000 in the next nine months to maintain the program.

Raising $30,000 would allow expansion to a fifth school.

It does not take a lot to make a difference. Only $15 buys six books for one child.

There is a fundraiser for the group tomorrow at Alexander’s Steakhouse. Make a reservation at 688-0404.

This is a grassroots group doing good work. They deserve support. Go to lookitsmybook.org to learn more and donate.