Brady needs to keep his promise

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Illinois Sen. Bill Brady (R-Bloomington) made a less-than-timely entrance into the River City last week to thank supporters for his 193 vote margin of victory over Kirk Dillard for the GOP nomination for governor.

Brady can be forgiven for breaking his promise to be in Peoria around 5:30 p.m. Illinois is a big state.

Brady arrived at the Pere Marquette and delivered brief remarks at the Lincoln Day Dinner and then met with the press.

“Illinois stands for jobs, principals and reform. This is our chance,” he said. “Illinois can be a shining star.”

Brady said he is running because “machine politicians” in the past eight years have crippled the state.

“You know we can do better. That’s what this election is all about,” Brady said.

In what was an understatement, Brady said it will not be easy for the GOP to win the state’s highest office, he said.

But, Brady expressed optimism.

“We can reach out to independents and Democrats. We can create a groundswell,” he said.

Responding to a question about tightening the fiscal reins, Brady said, Illinois has a responsibility to live within its means.

“Everyone has done that,” he said, “except the machine politicians.”

Every word that came out of his mouth was the same old predictable political rhetoric. But, there was one small glimmer of freshness in his comments.

“We think we have a great opportunity if we stick to what the people want to talk about,” Brady said.

Brady promised to hold town-hall-style meetings across the state. Brady said he wants to talk to the people directly.

That would be a new development in Illinois. “Lightning Rod” Blagojevich certainly did not mix with the “regular people.” He seldom ventured out of Chicago.

Pat Quinn, while more down-to-earth than “Lightning Rod,” also seems to seldom find his way here. It seems he is becoming cozier with those “machine” politicians Brady referenced.

But, we need more of Brady than promises of fighting the “machine” strangling Illinois residents with policies designed to benefit the few and connected. We need Brady to dial back rhetoric and really listen to those struggling, hurting, down-and-out and fearful in the Land of Lincoln.

Keep your promise.