A new deal and a raw deal

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

One does not have to be a Republican, a conservative or an Obama-hater to find common sense in the attitude of U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Peoria) in the aftermath of the passage of health care reform March 21.

Schock said he did not know what consequences await his constituents from the passage of this piece of legislation.

That is an understatement.

This bill was passed before anyone had a chance to digest what is within the thousands of pages that make up the bill.

Schock said there was a lot of last-minute politicking going on behind the scenes to get the votes needed for passage.

That is no surprise. 

Health care reform, on the surface, appears to be the stimulus package all over — the package Obama heralded as the great fix to all our economic woes.

It seems to be a little tardy getting to the Greater Peoria Area, which has seen unemployment rise to 13 percent.  

On delivery, health care reform sure appears to be a new deal and a raw deal.

Obama’s faithful may be willfully or unknowingly blinded to the fact that the bill passed is likely to be full of unwanted surprises down the road.

Everyone has been so caught up following the polarizing partisan process that what is in the bill has escaped the notice of most.

Everyone should ask themselves three questions in connection with this bill.

The first question — Do you have a good grasp of what is in the bill? Do you even have a passing grasp?

Most people, if they are honest, will say they do not have a clue what is in this bill.

The second question — Is it acceptable for a takeover of something that constitutes one-sixth of our economy?   

The third question — Do you trust Obama, the Democrats who voted in favor of the bill, or the Republicans and Democrats who voted against the bill?

Many will answer no to all three of those questions. 

That is incredibly telling.

Health care reform is not an evil idea.

Health care reform may be a great idea.

Health care reform should be an idea borne of a desire to serve the public.

But, in the aftermath of the passage of this bill, it looks far more like a political trophy to Democrats than a boon for Americans. 

We, however, must admit that health care coverage is going to be a necessity — many will need coverage as they choke on the future consequences of this bill.