Let us hear it for bias

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

The late singer Kurt Cobain said, “We have no right to express an opinion until we know all of the answers.”

That is a killjoy quote for an editor, or anyone, for that matter. Happily that sentiment has never really caught on.

Editors love expressing opinions.

Editors tend to be very possessive of the editorial page of a newspaper.

The editorial page is an editor’s playground. If a newspaper was looked at as a meal, this would be dessert.

This is the page where the editor gets to tell his side without fear of being called biased — because on this page it is all about bias.

Bias and prejudice too often are labeled the same thing. They are not. 

Bias is good.

Bias is needed.

Bias gives us joy.

It gives us a reason to argue, and who does not enjoy a good-natured argument?  

Bias helps us clarify our position on an issue.

Bias clarifies who we are.

Prejudice is bias on steroids — often fed by ignorance.

Bias should not creep into a news story. Bias, however, has a place in all other areas of life.

We are all biased.

Some are just more willing to admit it than others.

Bias in healthy doses is what you will find on this page.

Of course, our definition of “healthy” will occasionally differ from yours.

That is the way it should be, because while this page is the editor’s playground, it is not much fun to play alone.

Come on over and throw your opinions out here where we can all toss them around.

We welcome it.

We will relish it.

And, we do not get our noses out of joint when you disagree.

We are all adults. 

So, unlike a lot of playground arguments, we will not pack up our toys and go home if disagreements break out. 

In the end, we think our opinions are right. Of course, that is just our opinion.