Buy local and help yourself

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

It is doubtful that many people stop to think about where they are spending their money, but they should.

Whether it’s going out to eat on a Friday night, grocery shopping on the weekend or buying gas during the week, residents should consider the fact that spending locally helps to financially support the town in which they live.

A portion of the sales tax from items sold goes to local municipalities. In other words, when buying locally, residents are investing back into their community.

This extends beyond gas stations and box stores. It includes all businesses in Eureka, Germantown Hills and Metamora, including those locally owned and operated, such as coffee shops, car repair shops, chiropractors and many more.

So, the next time you get in the car and plan to go outside of town for entertainment or shopping, ask yourself if you can find what you are looking for locally.

It benefits many, including yourself.