EDITORIAL - History comes with a price

Staff Writer
Woodford Times
The Metamora Courthouse State Historic Site is in need of repairs the state does not plan to pay for.

History cannot be erased, but it can be ignored.

That can come with a high cost.

Metamora has an incredibly rich history. That history is something the residents of the village take great pride in.

But, history comes with a cost.

And, the toll time takes on structures pays no heed to hard economic times.  

Two of the columns at the Metamora Courthouse State Historic Site are in need of immediate restoration.

The price tag is $25,000, and though it is a state historic site the financial burden of fixing this issue is going to rest on local shoulders because the state is facing a $13 billion budget shortfall.

Curator Jean Myers said the work must be done by the end of October.

The cap on top of the columns is open. Water is getting inside the columns.

Myers said he fears what damage another winter of freezing and thawing water will do to the columns.

This work has been needed for at least six years. Myers said the state was made aware of the need, but internal repairs to the structure were the highest priority.  

Myers is trying to raise the money through the Woodford County Historical Society.  

So far, about $2,000 has been raised.  

“We are up against the clock,” Myers said. “It might not last another year. If we have to re-build it would be tremendously expensive.”

Soon a letter will be arriving in area mailboxes asking for money to help fund this project.  

“People have been very generous,” Myers said. “I hope when people see the things that make the courthouse the courthouse are in jeopardy they will donate like they did for the Lincoln statue. This is no joke, no exaggeration.”

Abraham Lincoln practiced law in this building.

It should be kept looking the way it did in Lincoln’s day.

Everyone today has a responsibility to preserve this building for tomorrow’s generations.  

As Lincoln said, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”

Donate what you can.