Something to be thankful for

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Times are tough for many.

Most people know of at least one person or family that is struggling.

The Square in Metamora illustrates that.

Garber’s is closed.

The gift store next door is dark as well.

There are dark storefronts in Eureka.

Those empty stores can serve to diminish one’s view of a community.

Or one can choose to look beyond that and realize there is something in these communities to be truly thankful for.

One thing everyone can be thankful for — that is not determined by economics or the job market — is a sense of community.

On Nov. 9 that was evident in Eureka as Patty Pierson walked into the front door of the Razor Zone to begin a day of work.

She was picking up the pieces after a fire swept through her business, Hair Improvements Hair Salon, on Oct. 31. Quickly several local hairdressers - competitors — offered her space in their salons.

“I accepted an offer from Shannon Shreffler, owner of the Razor Zone. She used to work for me,” Pierson said. “It’s been very humbling to see the compassion extended to me.”

Shreffler made a telling remark.

“Patty would have done the same for me,” she said.

That generosity is something to be thankful for.

On  Nov. 11, a sense of community was evident on Metamora’s Square as residents young and old gathered to put up more than 200 flags to honor the village’s veterans.   

They did it out of a sense of responsibility to their neighbors, their veterans, their community.

That, too, is something to be thankful for.

A community is not buildings, homes or businesses. It is the people who share common beliefs, wishes and needs.

And, even more importantly a community embraces those with beliefs, wishes and needs that differ from their own.

Those attributes are evident in Eureka and Metamora.