Kudos to Davenport

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

All the Woodford County schools participating in this years Arts In Education event did a great job. But, one school shone — the third graders of Davenport School in Eureka.

The students performed May 9 at the Peoria County Courthouse.

The students made an impression as soon as they stepped off the bus. All had white sailor hats on. Many of the girls wore patriotic print dresses. The boys wore dark pants and gleaming white shirts set off by sparkling red bow ties.

Those in attendance as spectators were treated to a program that did not only Eureka, but all of America, proud.

The children were flawless in their presentation called “We Love America.”

The children’s attention to detail was a tribute to not only their own work, but that of their teachers and parents.

Long before the children performed to the song “I’m proud to be an American” they had made all viewing their show think about that very idea.

The children’s words about patriotism derived from the documents of our forefathers — the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution — took on a special feel as they were delivered by obviously young voices.

What made it especially moving was hearing them from the next generation.

The children delivered the words with conviction making it easy to believe these children had taken the words and the ideas behind them to heart.

This nation, especially at this trying economic and political time, can use all the people who feel good about the US of A no matter their age.

Kudos to those who made this program happen, and for spreading that message beyond Eureka.