Surprised by meth-lab discovery in Woodford?

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

A Woodford County grand jury has indicted four people in connection to their presence at what is alleged to be an illegal drug-making facility.

• Facing charges of aggravated participation in methamphetamine manufacturing are Richard W. Collins, 30, of 201 Nieman Drive in Bayview Gardens; Cassandra L. Ioerger, 29, of 311 W. Caroline St. in Spring Bay; and Samson Sheets, 19, of 612 N. Washington St. in Metamora.

• Agents from the Peoria Multi-County Narcotics Enforcement Group joined Illinois State Police and Woodford County Sheriff’s Department officers Dec. 8 in a legal search of a Spring Bay residence.

• According to the police report, a clandestine meth laboratory was found inside the house, primarily in the basement. Police found a grinder, glassware, coffee filters, tubing, red phosphorus and iodine crystals, all of which can be used to prepare meth.

• Ioerger told police she and Collins had been living in the house for about a month and had been cooking meth that entire time. Sheets had been staying in the residence the previous few days, according to police.

• Maximum prison sentences for these offenses depend on the amount of meth manufactured, but they range from 15 to 60 years.