Fireworks shows outmoded?

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

In many of our local towns fireworks shows are a tradition going back many, many years.

Fireworks shows are a great way to celebrate our nation’s birthday.

They are fun.

They are pretty.

They are a reason to hang out with friends and family.

But, in hard economic times, for the towns that host fireworks there is the potential of drawing people from outside the community that can add dollars to the city’s bottom line through sales tax. It also has the potential to put dollars in the pockets of local business owners.  

However, fireworks shows also come with a cost.

There are police officers to patrol.

There are firefighters on standby.

There are often public works employees to clean up the litter left behind.

For a good show costs should outstrip expenses. But, there is always the liability question. Are the shows really worth it?