Women's reproductive rights are an issue in campaign

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Dear editor,

My background as former President and CEO of the Planned Parenthood Heart of Illinois, causes me to worry that 18th Congressional voters do not realize that only one candidate, Colleen Callahan, supports keeping the government out of your personal and private family planning and reproductive health care decisions.

She will promote health preventive services by supporting access to family planning and comprehensive sex education.

Aaron Schock, based on the 2008 Illinois Right to Life Candidate Survey results, indicates that he would take us backwards by supporting legislation that will:

-prohibit women receiving over the counter Emergency Contraception at pharmacies

-deny funding to agencies such as Planned Parenthood that currently provide thousands of low income women and families with family planning services because with their private and separate funds, these agencies also offer access to safe and legal abortion services.

-make most abortions illegal in this country.  Aaron Schock would even require a woman who was raped to report her rape to the police before getting permission to obtain an abortion.  Mr. Shock supports the complete reversal of the 1973 Roe v Wade decision that balanced the interests of individual and private decision making by women when faced with unintended pregnancy and that of the government.

-make embryonic stem cell research illegal.

I will be voting for Colleen Callahan because she respects us and our ability to make our own reproductive decisions. 

 Joyce Harant, Peoria