Krupa - A leader we need

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

A key race this election is for the 92nd District Representative between Joan Krupa and Jehan Gordon.

I don't know Ms. Gordon but have tried to learn about her qualifications from reading the paper, her fliers, and seeing her TV ads. She appears to be a  person without much experience. Her material seems to over emphasize what she is against not what she stands for or will do.

Also, her focus on blaming her opponent for some of Peoria's problems is a bit of a stretch, but seems to be in vogue these days even if undeserved.

Having checked a few records, it also appears Ms. Gordon has been less than candid about some of her own background, in addition to intentionally distorting the positions of her opponent.

I have known Joan Krupa and her husband Ted for over 40 years having gone to Bradley together. Our paths crossed at Caterpillar, as well as various community projects.

What has always amazed me about Joan is her ability to balance family/community priorities.

Joan is one of those rare people who has excellent listening skills and whose solution finding talents are a refreshing change to the endless "blame game" in our state/national governing bodies.

I often wonder why people like Joan want to get into todays' political forum of sharp partisanship and endless gamesmanship. She isn't driven by ego or self interest.

Joan is a giver not a taker and thank God there are people like her willing to stand up and say, "I think I can help."

We have some serious problems in this state as well as our beloved Peoria.

Our school system needs major attention if our youth are going to better compete in an increasingly competitive and unforgiving world. And while Peoria has unbelievable medical resources, the cost of delivering them continues to increase at an alarming rate.

We need leadership that:

Is less self serving and more community serving

Is present when needed not absent because it's inconvenient

Listens to people's concerns not turns a deaf ear because it "too hard"

Has real character, common sense, and clear values

This is  the kind of leadership Joan Krupa demonstrates everytime she tackles a problem. We need her toughness, her unmatched integrity, and her caring.

Dick Nitto

Peoria, Ill.