LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We must work together

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Those who wanted Hillary to win the presidency just can’t seem to get over the fact that Donald Trump is now our president. It’s obvious that reality really sticks in their craw, and many of them are saying very nasty thins about President Trump.

Since they can’t get rid of him (at least for four years), Trump’s detractors spout off on T.V. and in the newspapers calling him unfit, bad, illegitimate, and so on.

Froma Harrops diatribe against Trump in Saturdays News Herald (Feb. 11), is an example of how hateful and vicious the opposing political party can be when the election doesn’t go their way. Ms. Harrop, in her article, accuses Trump of being lazy and questions his mental competence. In addition, Carol Philp’s letter in the same paper is, in it’s entirety, a very harsh criticism of every thing President Trump has done since he has become our president.

Unfortunately, our elections in this country have become more hateful and violent in recent years. Eight years ago after Obama’s election as our president, I don’t recall the opposing political party writing in newspapers that he was lazy and his mental capacity was in question. I also, don’t recall riots in the streets and on college campuses involving destruction of private property when Obama was elected as has happened with President Trump.

We in this country are all Americans. in some elections, our candidate will win. In others, our candidate will not. But somehow as Democrats and Republicans, we need to stop name calling and learn to work together for the good of the country.

Harriet Rosborough

Panama City