White Sox notes from Sept. 4.

The Charlotte White Sox? The Chicago Knights?   He hasn’t worked out the name yet, but White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen knows what his roster looks like.   “I’ve got the Triple-A team with me right now,” he said. “Now we’re digging down there for what’s left.”   What the Sox dug up Tuesday was two starting pitchers to help in the bullpen.   They called up left-hander Heath Phillips and right-hander Lance Broadway, both of whom are on the major league roster for the first time in their careers.   “I’m really excited right now,” said Phillips, 23, who was 13-7 with a 4.30 ERA in 28 starts with Charlotte. “It’s the first time, and I had some guys telling me about their first time and it feels about the same. ...   “When they told me (Monday that Phillips was coming up), I couldn’t even say anything. I was looking at my manager, I thought he was joking around.”   Phillips will be a long reliever, as will Broadway, but Guillen would like to get the latter a start to “see what he can bring.”   “I think in trying to throw a two-seamer (for the first time), trying to create more movement, I think I might have got off a little mechanically and it slowly progressed as the year went on,” Broadway said in explanation of what he considered a down year: 8-9 with a 4.65 ERA in 26 starts.   “I think it was trying to do too much with the pitch. I had never thrown it before.”   Snubbed?   Though he said it was general manager Ken Williams’ decision as to which players were called up, Guillen guessed as to why neither David Aardsma, Andrew Sisco or Nick Masset was recalled.   “I already know what (they) can do,” Guillen said. “I don’t know what Phillips and Broadway can do for us. That’s the way I look at it.”   Second That Motion   If the Sox do pursue a veteran center fielder during the offseason, that could knock Jerry Owens out of the starting lineup and leave a hole at the leadoff spot.   Guillen said he won’t bat Danny Richar there — “I don’t think he’s mature enough to do it” — but would be fine with the rookie as an everyday second baseman in 2008.   “He’s doing a good job,” Guillen said. “Defensively, he’s had good at-bats, he does everything we’ve asked him to do. I don’t mind keeping this kid out there. He plays with a lot of enthusiasm, he brings a lot of good things to the table.”   Baines of His Existence   Asked about his countryman’s antics Monday at Wrigley Field, Guillen cut Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano some slack.   “This kid, every time he takes the mound, he does it with pride, he wants to be the best,” Guillen said. “Sometimes things don’t work the right way. He’ll learn, he’s a kid. If you don’t get booed in Chicago, you have to be Harold Baines. That’s it.   “Everybody else, no matter who plays in Chicago, they’ve been booed once.”   No Hard Feelings   Guillen was also asked about ex-Sox outfielder and countryman Magglio Ordonez, who came into Tuesday’s game batting .355 with 26 homers and 120 RBI.   “I hope he wins the MVP,” Guillen said. “It would be nice for him and his family, it would be nice for the Detroit Tigers organization, but it’s going to be more special for our country. I’m rooting for him. His hard work paid off.   “I’m sorry Alex (Rodriguez) … I go for my countryman.”   Nathaniel Whalen can be reached at nwhalen@dailysouthtown.com or (708) 633-5956. Read his blog at http://blogs.dailysouthtown.com/whalen.